About us

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Vernon was founded in 2017 by Teo Ruiz and Pedro Torrecillas with the mission of helping the European startup ecosystem grow.

We believe that a strong set of values are needed to fulfill our mission. Values that inform every decision we make, every day; concrete and specific ideas that are easy to understand and that guide our relationship with customers and how our team works together.


  • We have you a clear view of weekly objectives, of what you’re paying for. We don’t sell unnecessary services. No cross-selling nor upselling. We don’t look for opportunities to allocate resources but find the resources to solve your problems.


20% time policy

  • Only 80% of the week is allocated to clients. The remaining 20% is reserved for the team’s professional growth. From taking a course or writing a post to building something.


Zero bullshit

  • Keep-Powerpoints-to-a-minimum policy. No need to create overloaded slides to hide the lack of real content. We focus on impact. On top of that, no consultancy or technology gibberish. Let’s just talk.


Top talent

  • For starters, we hire people that have been there: grown a startup at least once. We also look for the top 1% talent in the industry. We’d rather grow extremely slowly and say “no” to a project than hire someone we are not completely in love with.


360 efficiency

  • We strongly believe not all hours of work are worth the same and we are no fans of crunch time. That’s why we have a culture obsessed with efficiency: don’t waste time on non-core tasks, plan in advance, we foster focus, prioritize and re-prioritize to-do lists, avoid meetings, etc. Let’s ship stuff.

Who are we?

Teo Ruiz

Teo has been involved with the tech scene for more than 15 years, managing engineering teams and tech strategy for top-tier internet companies in Spain and the UK. After 3 years working on open source development, he started his startup career as the first engineer at Fon (Madrid, 2005-2008). For the last 10 years Teo has led engineering teams at companies like Busuu, Lyst, ELPAIS.com and Jobandtalent.

He led the software team behind one of the biggest web media outlets in Spain, ELPAIS.com (Madrid, 2008-2010), and was responsible for interacting with journalists and product managers, delivering features on a round-the-clock schedule.

At Busuu (London, 2011-2013) Teo was CTO and led the team that supported the language learning product used by 30 million people across the world, including mobile and backend engineers. He was then Head of Engineering at Lyst (London, 2013-2014), a personalised fashion marketplace.

Most recently, at Jobandtalent, Teo was VP of Engineering (Madrid, 2014-2016) he helped grow the technical team and foster an engineering culture, leading software architecture and infrastructure efforts. He was involved in the company strategy, board meeting presentations and fund raising and was instrumental in the delivery of key product features. At peak he led a team of 70 engineers.

Teo is a cofounder at Vernon and also an Expert in Residence at Google Campus Madrid.

Pedro Torrecillas

Pedro Torrecillas is a Head of Product with business and engineering background. He studied Industrial Engineering at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, where he founded the Entrepreneurship Club. He also participated in the Imagine design thinking program in Silicon Valley.

During his time as a strategy consultant at Strategy& (part of the PwC network after the Booz & Co. acquisition), he was involved in digital strategy and operations projects, mainly with Telefonica and BBVA, both in Europe and LatAm. He also launched PwC Spain’s startup services department and won their national intrapreunership contest.

He started working in a product role during his time as contractor Business Partner at BBVA. At the gaming company Social Point – acquired by Take Two for $276M – he led the company’s main IP, Dragon City, as Product Manager. After that, he joined Jobandtalent and became VP of Product, leading 5 different product teams – product managers, business analysts, designers, engineers and QA people – and Customer Support.

Pedro is a cofounder at Vernon and also an Expert in Residence at Google Campus Madrid.