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For 20 years, we’ve founded and led top-tier businesses from start to exit. Now we help founders improve how their companies operate.

We leverage technology, our extensive experience, and a network of top-tier operators to elevate the business areas that need it most.

With a minimalist mindset: pragmatic, focused, streamlined.

<a href="https://x.com/teoruiz">Teo Ruiz</a> and <a href="https://x.com/ptorrecillas_">Pedro Torrecillas</a>, founders at Vernon
Teo Ruiz and Pedro Torrecillas, founders at Vernon

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Discover how Vernon, founded by Teo and Pedro, helps companies achieve best-in-class operations. With a proven track record and expertise in operational due diligence and execution support, we save businesses time and money.

Back to being fractional leaders, focused on AI.

Sngular acquired our last venture, Circular. Now we are back at Vernon.

Some teams we have worked with

Kibo Ventures
Point Nine
El País