Our new project: Circular

We are pausing operations in Vernon to focus on our new product: Circular

Almost two years ago we launched Vernon with the goal of helping the European startup ecosystem grow and flourish.

We’ve been fortunate to work with amazing startups and VC investors all around the continent. They’ve trusted our judgement and experience and let us dive deep into their teams and their projects.

More than 30 projects later, including due diligence reports, interim management and internal improvement projects, we’ve found a new adventure we want to follow to the end and that’s perfectly aligned with Vernon’s original mission.

In late June we <strong>launched</strong> The Hiring Circle as a Proof of Concept to try and solve some of the problems startups have to find great talent. The PoC has been growing into a product and a business, which we know call <strong>Circular</strong>. You can read more about Circular in our <strong>launch post</strong>.

The Circular logo

Our brand new logo

We think Circular is a great opportunity and we want to give it all of our energy: we will be putting the Vernon business on hold and work full time on Circular.

To our customers and partners, thank you, it’s been a great run! And hopefully we will see you giving <strong>Circular</strong> a try!