We are back. Stay tuned.

Sngular acquired our last venture, Circular. Now we are back at Vernon.

Circular has been acquired by Sngular! You can learn more about it here.

It’s been quite a ride. In these past 5 years, thousands of hires were made through our collaborative model, we build a SaaS business, developed an impressive and wide-ranging product, acquired a company, grew the team to 45 people with top talent, launched in France and UK, raised funds from top European investors, and, most importantly, learned a lot.

Now, with a few scars and definitively greyer hair, we are back helping companies build digital businesses in Vernon. Like most true builders out there, we are very excited about the possibilities to build new things, in different ways, that AI enables. And that’s where we want to spend our time.

So yeah, spread the word. We are back in business –after a few weeks of well-deserved disconnection. Make sure you follow @vernonteam at X, Vernon relaunch coming up.